Harriet’s Journal is a book of adventures of a possum named Harriet, a possum who fights for her right to keep a journal through searing physical and mental pain from the inside-out and vice versa.

This book, in the style of a memoir, is recommended for people, both young and old, who have an affinity with animals, especially the wildlife.


Writer Michael Springthorpe (Mayflower Gilbert and Sullivan, Eppie and Beppie, The Bones at Red 22) was born in Australia and presently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Kate and many babies and it was he who, in a season not long ago, helped a tiny possum channel the story of her priceless and valiant life.

“In that day the wolf and the lamb will live together, the leopard will lie down with the baby goat….” (Isaiah 11-6)

Michael Springthorpe


Charming,suspenseful. Springthorpe is just brilliant,what a lovely tale,so beautifully written.You are drawn in instantly,taken deep inside this ever so tiny life,becoming totally attached to her.This is a book the whole family is sure to love. Harriet’s Journal.

~ MarianneWS, Barnes & Noble

This book is a must-have for any educational program about wildlife rescue. I highly recommend it to any teacher who is trying to help his/her students see the power of organizations and people who save our wildlife. It is also a great read for anyone who just loves a good story! Harriet is an endearing character who goes on a terrifying, yet heartwarming journey in this thoughtful book told from her point of view. Michael Springthorpe does a fascinating job of getting inside the head of this adorable little marsupial. These sweet little animals are one our most misunderstood and highly underrated fur-babies, and perhaps Michael’s kinship with them comes from his upbringing in Australia, the land of many marsupials. Once you read Harriet’s Journal, your perspective on these often overlooked, and sadly often run over, members of our community will be forever changed. The audio book is also available and is a great companion to the paperback.

~ Ann Rinaldi, Amazon customer

I really loved this book. I believe it will appeal to all ages. Harriet has many adventures as she learns about survival out in the big wide world. I felt happy and sad at times as she tried to find her way back to a permanent home where love and security finally await her. I will be giving my nieces and nephews a copy for Christmas. I know that they will enjoy Harriet’s Journal just as much as I did. I look forward to the Author Michael Springthorpe writing many more books that I can enjoy reading.

~ Mich, Booktopia

I suppose I may not be the most objective person when it comes to reviewing a book about a sweet animal when I am such an animal lover myself. But even if I weren’t a fan of furry friends, I’d still love Harriet’s Journal. This is a tale of finding hope and kindness in unknown places through the eyes of an enchanting possum. A delightful read for both children and adults, Harriet helps us understand the way a little one like herself navigates the human world and sees her way home to experience love and the comfort of feeling at home.


~ ClaireShops, Amazon customer

Short but very good. Before reading this book, I would’ve never thought of a possum as being a sympathetic character. Most people see possums as a nuisance. However, this story is written in a way to where one can definitely have empathy for Harriet and her predicament in life. It’s an interesting anthropomorphic view into the mind of one of God’s creatures that is often overlooked and/or reviled. A good reminder that all animals have their purpose in the ecosystem. I think this book might make a good audio book someday.

~ Sabrina, Goodreads

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