Harriet’s Journal



On a dark night on a dark road in Northern Los Angeles oncoming white lights suddenly slanted and went askance from the roadway. But the vehicle didn’t stop – instead it immediately regained its straight-on trajectory and came again towards them and thundered by. They continued on a hundred yards and there they beheld the reason for the vehicle’s plunge from the road – a sight that would lead them, after many days and pathways inexorable, to the magic discovery of Harriet’s Journal.


Harriet first began keeping a journal when she was six months old. She didn’t write anything down – writing is not easy for possums, especially babies, but she kept everything in her mind.

*  *  *

Don knew many things but she didn’t get to see him as much as she would like because, being a possum, she mostly hung out at night when most of the birds were asleep and there were mainly cats, who were nasty, and sometimes dogs-who just wanted to chase a possum on sight!

*  *  *

She loved her mother, who wore herself thin running about keeping her eye on all the babies and teaching them, but her father was a dark and distant figure. Sometimes she would see him several trees away, laying along a branch and gazing sullenly, but he would never even acknowledge her wave.

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